Paris Hilton Announces Alexandra Dupre as First BFF Contestant

New York, NY (DMZ) – MTV today announced that the first contestant for its new series called “Paris Hilton BFF” would be recently revealed prostitute “Kristen”, AKA Ashley Alexandra Dupree. Dupree has received recent recognition as well as rumored multimillion dollar offers as a result of her role in bringing down newly elected New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. At present, Dupre’s lawyers relate that she has not been charged with any offense, and they are working diligently to maximize the benefits that she has received from her recent notoriety. A publicist for Hilton stated that Dupre’s “bad girl” image is precisely what socialite Paris is hoping to recapture.

“While what we are striving for in Paris’ new TV show is a ‘reality show’, the first episodes with Dupre will be pretty well scripted to see if she can come through with a major hook up between Spitzer and Hilton,” stated an anonymous MTV producer. “You’ve got a wealthy former governor with a bit of a naughty side, a wealthy heiress that’s equally naughty, and a real professional to help orchestrate. Power and money are sexy. Now that’s reality television that people won’t want to turn off!”

A publicist for Hilton dismissed criticism that the proposed appearances by Spitzer and Dupre might be damaging to Spitzer’s family, and in bad taste. “We think that, on the contrary, Paris might serve as an excellent role model for the governor’s three young daughters, and maybe even his wife. They would all be welcomed as potential BFF’s. In addition, Mr. Spitzer’s experience as a prosecutor could prove to be handy as Paris’ younger brother is set to defend himself against his own drug charges.”

Lawyers for Dupre stressed that negotiations were still underway and that the money would have to be right for any type of services to proceed. “While she considers herself a professional, Ms. Dupre can now afford the luxury of not having to feel that she is being ”pimped out”,” stated her legal representative.