Paris Hilton Fan Site Run by Losers

(Ucs News, Los Angeles) With Paris Hiltons steady stream of nude sightings, drunk arrests and court appearances her die hard fans are looking like real losers. The president of, Davis Bruce is having doubts about his infatuation with the wayward heiress.

A recent poll of Paris Hilton Fan sites and blogs proves the trend of dissatisfaction is growing. WIth hundreds of other Paris Hilton fans like feeling the same sense of loss and dissatisfaction, Davis Bruce has formed a support group “Why Did We Waste Or Time On Paris Hilton.Org”” for short .

“When you are a super fan so close to Paris your life becomes a reflection of hers.” According to Paris Hilton Super fan Cindy Spitz. Cindys friends agree that Cindy herself has become a loser as result of her near worship of Paris Hilton.

Super Fans of other celebrities are also feeling the pain. The National organization of Ann Nicole Smith fans bankrupted itself trying to send members to the bahamas and is now looking for a new celebrating to support/stalk.

While the now bald Britney Spears spins out of control her fans do have some conciliation. Spears super fan John Dark blogged recently, ” At least the fans of Britany Spears still have the music.”