Paris Hilton : Jail-time shows true depth of her shallowness Unconfirmed Wisdom #167

Paris Hilton : Trending Down
Paris lay off the pills and get a grip
Another reason to love Martha Stewart

George W. Bush : Tending Down
G8 summit flop, bitch slapped by the Pope
CO2 levels won’t be lowered by your empty promises

Peter Pace : Tending Up
Hey Pete looks like your off the hook for messing up Iraq
“Bring in the the next sucker.”

Alberto Gonzales : Trending Down
Another Gitmo screw up?
Please tell me, Can this clown do anything right?

Michel Moore : Tending Up
Another stick in the eye of America
and we just can’t get enough

Dick Cheney : Trending Up
Dick gets a new heart?
Maybe this one will have some compassion?

Illegal Immigrants : Trending Up
Safely in the hands of congressional gridlock
enough said.