Paris Hilton more qualified than Sarah Palin for McCain VP Slot

(Hollywood California) Ucs News– Paris Hilton, the besotted heiress, has come out against John McCain’s Vice Presidential selection, Sarah Palin. “You have got to be freaking kidding me!” said Paris Hilton following the conclusion of a 17 hour party at the infamous L.A. Viper Room Club.

According to Paris Hilton, who has already said she would not vote for “the old, white hair wrinkly guy” John McCain has passed over many other more qualified women. Hilton short list for McCain included the following VP candidates.

Hillary or Chelsea Clinton are more capable than Sarah Palin. Both have lived in the White House and Chelsea is very well liked. If you are targeting Hillary’s base them just pick Hilary!

Me Paris Hilton, I’m more qualified than Sarah Palin. I’ve spent more time with world leaders drunk or sober. You say she is the Governor of Alaska, Well Paris Hilton inc. has a larger operating budget and more employees than the state of Alaska. I have also spent more time on bear skin rugs, though she does have 5 kids, it could be close.

Casey Anthony she may be a killer but at least she has some planning skills. Also Casey Anthony is from a swing state, she could take Florida off the table.

Cher. Yes I say Cher. She is a tough, smart and experienced surviver. She is old and she for sure could help John McCain fill a 75,0000 person stadium.