Paris Hilton Offers Her Own Stimulus Package

(Las Vegas Nevada : Ucs News) While the Bush Administration and Democratic members of Congress remain gridlocked over the details of an economic package, Paris Hilton Offers a Stimulus Package of her own.

Many outside of Washington are thrilled by the idea that Paris Hilton will work to stimulate the country. While most of the details are still packed in a small leather suitcase and concealed under a silk nighty, it doesn’t take too much imagination to guess what the heiress has to offer.

The Democratic chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said today he can support the Paris Hilton Stimulus package, provided he can inspect the contents behind closed doors. Several Republican committee members quickly agreed that an in-depth study of the Hilton Package would be in order before any vote could be held.

According to Brody Jenner , the reality TV star of “The Hills”, the Paris Hilton stimulus package. “Is very effective…and fast acting” While Brody Jenner is an expert on the wealthy socialites talents many critics are not so sure. “The Hilton Stimulus Package is likely to trigger a premature response but no lasting recovery.” stated AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Max Baucus of Montana the chairman Senate Finance Committee stated “I’m inclined to agree that relief, particularly rebates, would be the best foundation for a Hilton stimulus package, but I think Congress can look beyond the thrill of the Paris Stimulus Package.”

The chairman wants further address the needs of Americans bearing the brunt of slow job growth and the housing crisis but he’s concerned the Hitlon Stimulus Package and the Presidents 145 Billion dollar spending spree “Will feel good for a while but come morning we will have only regret to show for our efforts.”