Paris Hilton Ticketed for DUC in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (O! Online) – Paris Hilton was briefly arrested early Thursday for investigation of driving under celibacy, police said. A police spokesperson stated that Hilton was stopped because she was “driving erotically” and plans were to charge her with a DUC.

A Breathalyzer test was also administered and Hilton registered at the minimum blood-alcohol level of .08% for California. Police stated that they were weighing the possibility of also charging Hilton with a DUI as well.

“Officers observed that Hilton exhibited symptoms of infatuation,” stated the police spokesperson. “A Field fertility test was administered at the scene and the officers determined she was attempting to drive while celibate.”

Hilton’s spokesperson, Elliot Mintz, confirmed the arrest but stated that efforts were underway to have the charges dismissed as Ms. Hilton was not operating the vehicle with a partner inside, and her performance was well below the excepted legal erotic standards for California.

“She’s absolutely fine,” Mentz stated. “She didn’t appear in the least bit to be aroused.”

Hilton had parked along side of the road while driving home in her Mercedes-Benz. She had spent the day shooting her next video, “Paris does Hollywood”.

The driving while celibate symptoms were “probably the result of an empty relationship and working all day on her video,” Mintz stated.