Paris Hilton's Rwanda Trip "Food For Models"

(Los Angeles-CA) Like her sex tapes, more details keep popping up on the model/actress/singer/ex-convict/heiress/humanitarian’s trip to Rwanda, the war torn African nation, this time in an alleged exclusive IM interview with Perez Hilton. It seems Paris (not Perez) Hilton was captivated by those “super skinny African girls who have it all over Nicole Richie.” Hilton’s plan is to bring “those girls over here and get them on the cat walk” in exchange for “food, but not too much, so they don’t cow out. I think most of what we’ll be bringing is Monster and Red Bull to burn off those cals.”

After being released from jail earlier this year, Hilton claimed that she “felt empty inside, and not the type of empty that’s filled up with a new boyfriend.” Hilton vowed to “leave a mark” and use her celebrity “for good and not evil, like that fire crotch (Ed’s note: Hilton’s pet name for Lindsay Lohan) who had a web stream on why she drinks. I could save her some time. Look in the mirror.”

Hilton contacted the charity “Playing for Good” to arrange a five day humanitarian-fashion trip to Rwanda. The idea of models for food was a unique take, even for the progressive charity, according to founder Scott Lazerson. “While Paris’ trip will bring a good deal of attention to the plight of those living in Rwanda, the idea of bringing emaciated women to put on U.S. fashion runways is kind of sending a mixed message on the whole starvation thing.” However, for reasons that Lazerson would not reveal, he is not stopping Hilton, saying only “those internet sex tapes truly do her talent no justice.” But Hilton disagrees on the Rwanda models. “Americans are fat but have fashion. These girls are skinny, but have no fashion. I see it as a perfect fit.”

Hilton plans on filming the trip for a possible reality show, “The Philanthropist Wore Gucci”. Hilton will be visiting a number of villages with a “model boot camp” for potential tweens and teens. “I think I’m going to start small. Maybe have the girls just walk a few steps, so they don’t pass out. Then we’ll move on to more involved things, like when I used to have Tinkerbell in my purse, except we may have to improvise with that, like use a goat in a sack.”

However, the heiress also mentioned that she was a bit apprehensive going to this area. “I’ve never been to a place with this many African-Americans that wasn’t a BET event or the VMA awards, but I think that as long as we all speak the universal language, fashion, it’s all hot.”

Hilton went on to say the trip will dispel any notion that celebrities like her don’t work hard. “We’re at it 24/7, 160 hours a week; and while these girls have model potential, I’ve got my work cut out for me to get rid of those fat bellies. Definitely not hot.”

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