Pat Robertson Advocates Assassination But Still Denies Cross Dressing Charges

Conservative Christian Coalition President and Radical Cleric Pat Robertson, who is also the leader of the Seven Hundred Club, has once again furthered the cause of love, brotherhood and Christianity by advocating cold blooded political assassination. Imam Roberts, one of the most levelheaded voices of the Evangelical Christian Movement still continues to maintain that he has never worn women’s clothing or made love to a man, but personally, I don’t buy it, at least until he can prove it.

The Radical Cleric is also a staunch supporter of Israel, not because he likes Jews, but because he believes that in order for him and all the rest of his followers to get to Heaven come the Rapture, Israel must first expand to it’s Biblical borders. Then the world can end and all those that don’t agree with Imam Robertson and his quirky Christian cadre will be condemned to the Fire.

Robertson has been out of favor with the White House since he publicly stated that he warned George W. Bush that invading Iraq would turn out to be a blood bath and quagmire, a charge that the Administration denies, in effect calling Robertson a dirty liar.Robertson responded to that charge by continuing to deny that he was a closet cross-dresser and a man toy. However, despite the rift, Robertson still brought out Bush’s Christian base for the election, saying anything was better than that Satanist, John Kerry.

Unnamed White House Source Wegman (Pudgy) Waterhouse, speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “While we in the White House sincerely wish that someone would pop a cap in the ass of that dirty commie Chavez, we continue to publicly condemn political assassination, torture and common sense, but between you, me and the lamp post, quietly whacking a world leader or anybody that we don’t like is looking whole lot better than the invasion route. That said, Cindy Sheehan had better watch her butt.”

In this reporters opinion Imam Roberts would look absolutely stunning in a strapless Donna Karan evening gown with a pair of 4″ Vera Wang’s, nothing trashy, mind you, but something befitting a respected religious leader, no matter how insane. However, this is a moot point until he finally admits that he actually is a transvestite, which of course, he’s still denying. Bummer.