Pat Robertson Rushed to Hospital

Unconfirmed sources report that Pat Robertson was rushed to the hospital today to remove his foot from his mouth. Robertson, who has been embroiled in controversy over comments he made advocating the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves, was operated on to remove his own size ten foot from his mouth. Doctors say Robertson should make a full recovery.

“It was a close run thing.” Says ear, nose, throat and foot doctor Ken Livingston. “Mr. Robertson was suffering from acute foot in mouth syndrome. We were able to operate on him immediately and probably saved his life. Mr. Robertson should be fine in a few weeks if he would only keep his big mouth shut.”

“Foot in mouth syndrome has become a real problem for the political class in America today.” explained syndrome expert John Quigg. “In such a heated political climate when a public figure doesn’t stick to his parties talking points he can get into real trouble. Robertson’s comments put him way out in front of his party and that led to an acute attack of the syndrome.

Mr. Robertson is resting comfortably at home, his spokesmen has said that Mr. Robertson has had his jaw wired shut until he regains his self control.