Pat Robertson Stays Mum On Homosexual Charges

Christian Coalition president and Seven Hundred Club founder Pat Robertson, while at first denying, then apologizing for his remarks concerning the value of assassination as a tool for spreading Christ’s message of love is still refusing to comment on allegations that he is a closet transvestite and possibly a full blown homosexual.

Unsubstantiated claims made by this reporter, who is quite frankly worried that Mr. Robertson’s psychological make-up means he is a prime candidate for deviant sexual behavior, even if absolutely no evidence to support it has so far emerged, continued to go unanswered by the Christian Coalition. In fact, it is this very lack of evidence that points most damningly to Mr. Robertson’s guilt.

Using the model of Max Cleland, the former Georgia Senator whose patriotism was drawn into question despite the fact that he lost three limbs in the service of his country and then devoted his life to civil service in the form of public office, one must assume that the Reverend Robertson is guilty of far worse crimes than an occasional dalliance with men or a trip to Fredrick’s of Hollywood. After all, Robertson never even lost a finger or toe in the service of his country, let alone a whole arm or leg, so it follows that if Max Cleland was unpatriotic, then Robertson must be a complete traitor.

Former male lovers of the beleaguered minister aren’t lining up in droves to go public with the details of their affairs with Mr. Robertson; if the were, the stories they’d tell would be chilling to his followers. Drunken orgies and drug use would be just the tip of the iceberg as you might well imagine, just as I have.

While at this point no solid evidence, or any evidence for matter exists that the Reverend Robertson is also involved in a complicated embezzlement scheme designed to siphon Seven Hundred Club donations off for his personal use to finance his decadent lifestyle, concern is growing in my household that it’s just a matter of time before such allegations actually do surface. Will Robertson be forced to resign in disgrace? Who the hell knows.

One thing is certain however, as long as the Reverend Robertson continues to ignore these allegations about his sexual acts and Satanist leanings, the worse things will become for him. Not dignifying absurd charges will not make them go away; just ask John Kerry, Max Cleland and Ann Richards.