Patriotism? How Dare You!

I know, I know…this is satire site. We’re supposed to mock stuff that’s happening in the world. And I try, I really do. Mostly I’m not very good at it, but I try. Still, that’s given me an unexpected advantage; because I suck, my editors don’t pay much attention to what I write, so every now and then I can stick something serious in without too much comment. This is one of those and something that after eight years of George Bush feels very odd…sincerely writing something in support of what my government’s doing. So, if that’s not what you’re looking for, don’t click on the “Read More” icon. After all, it’s not like their paying me or anything.

American politics is a pendulum. Broadly speaking, Democrats represent the left of the center and Republicans the right. At the extreme ends of the swing are the radical sides of both philosophy’s. At a casual glance, it seems the swing, at least during the last century, takes about a decade or so, give or take. We started with the old “Trust Buster” and National Parks creator, Teddy Roosevelt, a left swing. Then Taft, a conservative and a quick swing back to the right. Wilson, who started what would become the United Nations- a left tick. Harding, the Teapot Dome corruption scandal, Coolidge and Hoover, back to the right. Franklin Roosevelt and Truman, a long swing left. Eight years of Eisenhower- a run in the center, then Kennedy, Nixon &Ford, Carter to Reagan & Bush back to Clinton and finally in this century, Bush/Cheney.

Even as a decided Liberal, I can see both the logic and need for these swings. Without them, both sides would go too far. But what we have now has been building up since the Sixties. I’m talking about radicalism on the far ends of both sides. The Yippies started it on the Left and now the Tea Bags are the other side of this far longer swing of the pendulum, this social one. I don’t like either one.

(Of course, it’s not at all as cut and dried as this. The Left hated LBJ, who gave them The Great Society programs of Medicare, Medicaid and voting rights for minorities. They hated Nixon, who opened relations with the China whose goods fill our homes. The Right hated Clinton, who reformed Welfare and gave us budget surpluses and of course in the end everybody hated Bush.)

Which brings us to Barack Obama. I can’t say exactly what the Tea Bags want, mostly because they don’t seem to know themselves. They seem just angry and confused. There’s a free form element to this anger that makes them sound as if they’re working completely at cross purposes with themselves. They don’t want government to reform healthcare, don’t believe government has any place in the healthcare system at all, but many of them are on Medicare and Medicaid and they don’t want the government to mess with those either.

They were against the Bailout, but are angry that they weren’t included in it. They demand freedom, but are dead set against certain religious sects and really seem to hate the fact that we overwhelmingly voted for a Black man- excuse me, a Socialist Muslim who wasn’t born in the United States, to be president…an exercise of the American voter’s freedom to choose. They hate the Left but use the tactics of the Yippies to protest against it. Even the symbol of this movement, the Boston Tea Party, is counter-intuitive- that Tea Party was about demanding that Americans should only be taxed by an American elected government, not a foreign power. That’s exactly what we’ve got. They just don’t like who we elected, Barack Obama. And after only a year or so, it’s all become his fault.

The Bush administration drastically increased domestic spying, yet it’s Obama that the Weiner’s and Limbaugh’s of the world label as Big Brother. It was Bush/Cheney that presided over the excesses of Wall Street that led to the current Great Recession, but it’s Obama’s fault that we’re in this mess. The reasons why it’s his fault are also myriad. Depending on the day, he’s either taking over every corporation in America or is in bed with Big Pharma and Wall Street.

He’s a godless closet Muslim who attended a radical Christian church and took too long to pick a new one in Washington. He escalated a war in Afghanistan against the Muslim extremists that he’s secretly one of and is forcing Pakistan to do the same yet Michael Weiner of the Savage Nation (so named, I presume, because someone thought his listeners would feel odd about being members of the Weiner Nation), the ultimate Tea Bag, calls this administration’s America “a beaten wife” who does nothing more than begs her al-Qaeda husband to not hit her again. He’s leading us down the path to communism and or fascism (once again, depending on the day) via socialism by allowing every Tea Bag ands AM radio pudnit to say whatever they want, even to the point of threatening violence and inciting open rebellion. Somebody’s schizophrenic; I just don’t think it’s Obama.

So nowadays the pendulum is swinging erratically, as well as faster and faster. I find it frightening. But at the same time I desperately want Obama to succeed. I want my country strong and respected again throughout the world. It’s an odd feeling, having faith in my government again after so many years. It’ll make mistakes, sure, every administration does. Don’t worry, we’ll fix em. But it’s clear we have to something, and soon. To paraphrase old Patrick Henry, If this be socialism, make the most of it.