Pedophilia and the Jewish Genocide- A Papal Comparison

Pope Benedict XVI’s personal preacher, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, said in a Friday sermon in St Peter’s Basilica that the recent attacks on the Catholic Church, as well as the Pope himself, regarding the ongoing Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal were comparable to the “collective violence” inflicted against and suffered by Jews the world over. Inexplicably, Jewish leaders the world over have taken offense at the comments.

Amos Luzzatto, the former president of Italy’s Jewish communities, was quoted as saying, “I am totally astounded by this (Father Cantalamessa’s remarks)”. The remarks apparently went unnoticed at the time by the Pope himself, who was sitting nearby playing Pokemon on the Papal Nintendo Game Boy, but a later statement issued by a Vatican spokesman said the comparison was, “absolutely not the line of the Vatican and the Catholic Church.” However, some inside the sacred city defended the remarks.

Cardinal Wegmanio (Grassoccio) Acquacasa, speaking on the condition of the privilege of the confessional said, “Ges