Peeping Tom Victim Blake Robbins To Become Spokesperson For Mike and Ike Candy

Alleged peeping tom victim Blake Robbins has inked a $5 million deal with Mike & Ike candy to become their official spokesperson, according to Mike & Ike’s advertising agency Bendover Advertising.

Robbins and his enjoyment of Mike & Ike candies came to light when Hamilton High School officials spied on him through the web-cam built into his school issued laptop computer as he munched on the tasty fruit flavored treats which a high school vice principal mistook for drugs. The vice principal reprimanded him the following day for his behavior and accused him of dealing methamphetamines.

“Blake is an ideal spokesperson for our company”, said Bendover president Eileen Dover. “We will have TV ads showing Blake sitting in front of a computer popping our candy while Blake says ‘Don’t do drugs. Do Mike and Ike'”.

School officials deny spying on Robbins though they do admit that every one of the 2,300 laptop computers sent to the students were equipped with cameras that could possibly be used to watch students undress or engage in personal habits.

FBI officials are downloading all the videos from all the computers to find out if there are any other products the students might wish to represent.