Pelosi Announces New Defections in The War on The White House

Washington, DC (Rotters) – In a new sense of bipartisanship, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled what will be an ongoing spotlight and forum in the Democratic Party’s declared assault on the White House. The weekly forum will feature any Republican interested in defecting from what the Democrats described as the White House’s ongoing simpleminded and destructive policies both foreign and domestic.

Standing with Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi in the initial forum where prominent Republican senators Richard Lugar from Indiana and Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. Both senators briefly outlined their own disaffection with the ongoing conflict in Iraq and pledged to do their part in bringing it to a swift resolution without further endangering American troops. Both remained very close lipped in regards to the recent rebuttal of President Bush’s touted immigration reform, stating that they preferred to “pick their own battles”.

“We’re happy to be of assistance to our colleagues across the aisle,” stated Representative Pelosi, “and if this is of some help in their ongoing reelection campaigns, than everyone benefits. The more that we are able to help them get on record as condemning the war in Iraq, the more the American people will see that Congress is responsive to their will.”

“We’re looking forward to a parade of prominent defections in the coming weeks,” stated Senator Reid. “Perhaps it may be a bit premature, but it looks like articles of impeachment for a few people may indeed be back on the table. The ball is back in the White House’s court, and it will depend upon their compliance with recently issued subpoenas.”

Both Reid and Pelosi characterized today’s event as merely the opening salvo in their formally declared war on the group of terrorists who have taken the White House hostage, and promised the American people a swift end to the conflict.