Pentagon Once Considered Nuking Bagdad

(Washington, Ucs News) Unconfirmed Sources report a secret Pentagon memo dated June/23/2006 considered using low yield tactical nuclear weapons in Iraq. The memo leaked from the Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s office, calls for the Iraq study group to “review protocol and targets for the use of the B61-11 tactical nuclear weapon within the city limits of the Iraq capital.”

The B61-11 is the “nuclear version” of the “conventional” BLU-113. The B61-11 is categorized as a low yield, deep earth penetrating bomb. Critics of the weapon claim the toxic dust from such a strike would contain a “dangerous” amount of radio active fall out. The Pentagon memo detailed what would be an acceptable amount of “collateral damage” if the most violent Sunni and Shia neighborhoods were struck with the B61-11 low yield nuclear bomb.

As the news of the memos existence spreads, the Administration has been hinting that the use of nuclear weapons against Iraqi insurgents may be justified as part of “the campaign against international terrorism,” because, if Osama Bin Laden possessed nuclear capabilities he would use them against us.

The Pentagon has been stung by several leaked memos over the past two years. The most recent leak confirmed top Pentagon officials limited post war planning to avoid disclosing that the war would lead to a 10 year 800 billion dollar commitment. When questioned about the lack of planning and expected cost of the misadventure, Rumsfeld simply stated “I was following the orders of President George W. Bush.”