Pentagon Postpones Operation "Divine Stroke"

Washington, DC (Rotters) – The planned release of a 700 tonne explosive cross-dressing male prostitute within the Pentagon has been postponed because of legal, moral, and ethical concerns said an anonymous Pentagon agency spokesperson.

The operation, named “Divine Stroke” has resulted in angry protests from the religious right who are worried about potential long-term fallout from the “experiment”. Public health officials have expressed concern over the impact of an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases potentially infecting individuals within 300 miles of the experiment.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency said in a statement that operation Divine Stroke is part of an NSA sponsored effort to examine the effectiveness of deviant sexual behavior against the hardened bunkers within the Pentagon. The NSA has a particular interest in assessing national security concerns within the Pentagon in just such an experimental scenario in the wake of the recent departure of CIA head Porter Goss and underling Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, as well as other classified developments.

DTRA officials have stated only that Divine Stroke has become mired in legal concerns and merely postponed for a few weeks.

While the finer details of operation Divine Stroke remain classified, the experiment reputedly will examine the effects to the infrastructure of the Pentagon with the release of the equivalent of 700 tons of male prostitutes within its deepest corridors.