Pentagon 'Punked' by Satire Writers with 'Iraq Fighting Good Sign' Story

(Washington) Officials at the Pentagon have launched an investigation today to discover how a group of satire writers managed to hijack the Pentagon Press Office. The satirists hacked into the Pentagon Press Office computers and inserted a story about how the recent fighting in Iraq is actually good news. The item was then picked up and published by the Voice of America news service.

“This has got to be the best prank ever pulled in the news business.” Says TV personality Keith Olberman. ” How these guys got this new bit past everyone at the Pentagon and VOA is truly a feat. Or on the other hand it could prove that nobody, not even the people who write this garbage at the Pentagon even read it. I report, you decide.”

The news item basically states that the Bush administration feels that Iraq sliding into civil war is an indicator that Iraqis themselves are finally taking responsibility for their own country, a laughable and truly humorous idea.

The fake new story can be found at Voice of America

Editors Note: We at Unconfirmed Sources deny any involvement with this terrific prank. I only wish we could.