Pentagon reports: No gays have died defending our nation

WASHINGTON, Ucs News wire – The nation’s highest-ranking military officer said Tuesday that he was proud to announce that of the 3,500 killed in Iraq no gays have died defending our nation. According to General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, “not a single drop of gay blood has soiled the freedom of the United Sates of America.”

The purity of our armed forces has been a high priority for the general. In and interview Pace gave to The Chicago Tribune he explained that “homosexual conduct was immoral and akin to adultery”. Pace went on to state that the brave men and women dying in Iraq were defending what he called “American freedom” but not the freedom to be gay or lesbian.

General Pace, a long time critic of the “Don’t ask Don’t tell” policy does not believe it should be applied to gays serving in the military. Pace supports a draft proposal “Do ask, Do tell and Do shoot faggots”, he admits the American public may not fully support the proposal but something must be done.

Following the Generals remarks, he was instructed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates instructed Pace to “Keep his dam mouth shut and focus on winning the war in Iraq”.