People Magazine Names George Bush As 2007's 'Stupidest Man Alive'

New York (APE) – President George W Bush has been named the “stupidest man alive” by People magazine. The 61 year old chief executive will be featured on the cover of People’s annual issue, due to hit newsstands on Friday.

“You gave an aging urban cowboy the ego boost of a lifetime,” stated Bush in an official letter to the magazine’s publishers. “My two daughters are cool with it – well, chill? I guess all that campaigning by Karl and Dick has taken a toll.”

“Unfortunately, after all those years out on the bike trail, the meet and greets, the fundraisers, the brush clearing speeches, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that this is a mantle that I was always meant to hold,” he said in the letter, which was signed “Dubya.” “Don’t get me wrong, though. I wasn’t really shocked or happy (Laura said I actually forgot to flush when she read me the news). So thanks a lot, I guess.”

People’s “stupidest man alive” list began in 2005 with Bill O’Reilly. Others on the list: Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz.