People Searching Google for Nude Pictures of Miley Cyrus

According to Google, Inc., despite the ongoing crisis in Russia, Georgia, Iraq and other parts of the world, over 38 million people in the United States are seeking nude pictures of pop sensation and Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus on a daily basis.

This figure compared to 37 million seeking info on the Iraq war, inflation, Obama, McCain and other news stories combined.

“I don’t understand it”, declared Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. “There are so many things that directly people’s lives! I don’t understand why people are Googling her so much!”

Schmidt claimed that there are currently no legitimate known photographs of the 15-year-old pop singer nude on Google or any other search engine.

“They may find some pictures of her in her underwear posing provocatively in front of the camera but that’s all they’ll find”, Schmidt claimed.

Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang confirmed Schmidt’s findings.

Ms Cyrus herself proclaimed that no man or woman has ever seen her nude, with the exception of her parents when she was quite young.

“I always lock the bathroom and bedroom doors when I get naked”, the youthful diva swore. “I ain’t getting naked in front of no man until I am at least 16”.

Undoubtedly, hundreds of million of men, women and children will be doing web searches for the young star on her 16th birthday November 23rd.