People Searching Google for Nude Video of Erin Andrews

Millions of internet users have been searching Google for the famous ‘peeping tom’ video of sexy, blond, statuesque ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrew nude, mostly with no success!

“I saw the video when it first came out”, said ESPN watcher Joel Higgins. “I wish I had saved it to my hard drive because now I can’t find the damn thing anywhere!”

Many other Google users expressed the same frustration indicating that they had heard about the famous video but were unable to locate it through Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine.

“I see lots of people talking about it on the web but the actual video doesn’t seem to be available anywhere!” lamented George Vixen, a self-professed “professional voyeur”.

One possible explanation for the disappearing video is that Andrews has threatened to sue anyone who knowingly distributes the material and this has discouraged Google and most other search engines from displaying the actual locations of the video.

“We like to keep our asses covered”, said Google spokesperson Emily Hardone. “Unlike Ms. Andrews.”

The video allegedly shows Ms Andrews walking around her hotel room naked as she curls her hair with a curling iron, looks in a bag for something and even briefly fondling her posterior, according to Unconfirmed Sources.