Photographic Proof Obama Tapped Trump Tower Phones

Obama tapps Trump Tower Phones!
Obama tapps Trump Tower Phones!

(New York) Ucs News-  Unconfirmed Sources has received a photo purporting to show Barack Obama tapping the phone system inside Trump Tower. The image, a still taken from a security video, shows the President listening to a phone call.

The images is undated, but clearly shows the former President dressed as phone technician.  The setting is an internal phone switching area inside Trump Tower.  In image Obama has placed a probe on wire junction and holds a speaker against his ear.  He is showing intense concentration.

“Huge! This is Huge!” says junior White House spokesman Ben Lyon.  “Truly a smoking gun!  This proves the truth of Mr Trump’s crazy early morning tweet storm!”

Unconfirmed Sources has forwarded the image to the Justice Department.

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