Photoshoppers Turn Ugly in Hillary Clinton Run for '08 Presidency

New York, NY (Rotters) – Ever since being fingered by George W. Bush as the favored presidential election opponent for the Republican Party in 2008, Senator Clinton has been met with a withering disinformation campaign from the bowels of what some describe as the vast right-wing conspiracy. At issue most recently was a very unflattering and supposedly candid snapshot of the New York senator greeting people upon her arrival for President Bush’s State of the Union address to Congress.

The photo has been circulated throughout the United States and indeed the world, and is currently on Yahoo’s list of most e-mailed photographs.

Rotters reporters have discovered the original electronic versions of the photograph in question, and the conclusion among renowned experts is that indeed the photograph being circulated throughout the press has been doctored, or “photoshopped”. “Photoshopping” is the current term from the world of blogging in which a photo is altered electronically to produce humorous or compromising results for the victim.

“The sad thing,” stated photography expert Paul O. Reud, “is that this is not even a very well done job. It’s obviously done by a somewhat skilled but rank amateur with no concepts for lighting, shading, or human anatomy. Technology has advanced to the point that some very powerful tools are now placed in the hands of decidedly partisan hacks”

Senator Clinton is not the only politician to have been touched recently by this growing controversy.

Republican Representative Katherine Harris of Florida recently implied that a number of mainstream media outlets were complicit in making photos of her appear that she was wearing much more makeup than she was. The cited newsrooms cried foul, stating that the very minor alterations as to color, lighting and tone are very routinely done to enhance aesthetic equality. They then presented before pictures of Representative Harris demonstrating how her features were improved through minor alterations.

“I think it behooves people, in this day and age to never really trust their own eyes with any type of photographic proof. It’s far better to research a person or a topic rather than rely on looks alone,” stated Mr. Reud.