Pimps Praise Craigslist Decision to Close Erotic Services Listings

Across the nation pimps are celebrating the news that Craigslist will be closing its Erotic Services area on the popular site. The use of the site by prostitutes has allowed them to bypass pimps and was very disruptive to the pimp’s traditional business model.

“This is a god send to us pimps in smaller markets.” Says Midwestern pimp Big Daddy. “Craigslist has been killing us. It’s gotten so bad I almost decided to give up pimping and get a real job. I feel like now the bitches will be back and we can get back to business as usual.”

Experts agree that Craigslist has had a major effect on prostitution in the small urban markets that don’t have established red light districts. Sex workers that relied on pimps to make arraignments in smaller cities had been able to cut them out in favor of setting up appoints themselves over the internet.

The sex trade in larger cites with thriving red light districts never made the transition to internet services have been unaffected by the decision.