Pope Benedict Beats The Dalai Lama in Charity Bowling Tournament

Unconfirmed sources report that the Pope has defeated the Dalia Lama in a charity bowling tournament staged to raise money for childhood leukemia research. The Pope racked up an impressive 275 narrowly beating the Dalia Lama by only 2 pins.

“I had God on my side today,” said Pope Benedict when asked to explain his victory. “I felt the hands of God guiding my ball.”

“I think it was actually a miracle.” Replied the Dalia Lama as the two men gently joshed each other in a post-game interview. “Joseph can throw a perfectly divine ball, especially in the 8th frame when he picked up that 7-10 split.”

The tournament held in Washington was held in Washington D.C. and raised over $120,000 to help the Childhood Leukemia Research. If you would like to donate, visit Leukemia Research.org for more details.