PostSecret Site Shut Down Over National Security

Washington, DC (UPSI) – Thousands of fans worldwide were stunned to find today that the popular ongoing artistic experimental website PostSecret had been shut down overnight and replaced by a heretofore unknown blogger profile simply called “Nicole”. Rumors have spread that the website was shut down over concerns of national security, but spokespersons for the White House, Department of Justice, FBI, and the CIA have steadfastly refused to confirm the allegations.

When news of the site shut down broke early this morning, bloggers began combing readily available archival content online, and many insist that they have found a posting from early February 2007 which may be responsible. The postcard in question depicts President Bush in a boat fishing with his father, the former President, and scrawled across the picture is the phrase, “I miss the way I used to feel.” On the reverse of the card and in the same handwriting are two simple sentences: “I made a horrible mistake when we envaded(sic) Iraq. I’m sorry”.

Handwriting analysts have compared the text with the president’s infamous handwritten “bathroom break memo” from a UN meeting in 2005, and have declared the postcard to be a match within 98% certainty.

PostSecret was established as an ongoing social/artistic experiment in which people are encouraged to submit their darkest secrets under conditions of anonymity. Created by Frank Warren, it has displayed upwards of 2500 miniature works of art from people in the United States and across the world. Warren had recently begun branching out into YouTube with a new experimental “PostSecret Mini-Movie”.

Warren today vowed to “continue the experiment in whatever capacity”. “It is very liberating to finally be able to reveal that the problems at the website were due to ongoing secret FBI investigations since July of this year. Secrets are toxic, and this has been once again demonstrated to me firsthand. The spirit of the site remains intact, and anyone, no matter their stature or occupation in life should have the benefit of confession.”