Potter to Live after Final Book released in July says Rowling

London, England (Rotters) – To the relief of millions of fans worldwide, author JK Rowling today announced that “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” would be released on July 21, and that the series’ main character, Harry Potter would indeed live.

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC also announced that it had concluded a multimillion dollar five book agreement with Rowling which will enable her to leave behind her successful series of children’s books and branch out into Gothic Romance. A spokesperson for Bloomsbury stated that they were looking forward to the continued relationship and felt that Rowling would be an eminently successful romance writer given that she had an avid readership which she has groomed through the Harry Potter series.

Rowling announced that while two characters would certainly die in the final Harry Potter book, the main characters Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger would live on to star in her first Gothic Romance entitled “Harry Potter Bewitching Hour”. She admitted that she had been influenced by the pleas from two fellow American authors, John Irving and Stephen King who had insisted that Potter be allowed to live.

“I’ve made the decision to continue my advocacy for children and adolescents up through adulthood,” stated Rowling. “I tried to take a bold step in the last three books in the realistic portrayal of adolescent emotions and sexual awakenings and to assure young readers that it was okay to anticipate and experience these feelings. This new series is just the next logical step for my characters and my writing.”

Rowling refused to give further details for the initial book and the relationship between Potter and Granger, stating that everything was in the planning stages. She did, however, indicate that she had plans to take on the challenge of introducing and advocating for responsible sexuality and birth control in the series.