Power Balance Hologram Bracelet Blamed for Stroke : Under FDA Review

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – David Thomas started using his Power Balance bracelet about two years ago but stopped using it after suffering from severe headaches and double vision. “I used it for a three month period,” Thomas said. “When I went back to my doctor, I said, ‘This has got to go.'” A 2007 study blamed Power Balance Bracelets for stroke related deaths, prompting manufacturer to add a warning to its label.

Now the FDA is investigating the Hologram Bracelets for the second time. Hearings began Tuesday after another study linked Power Balence to strokes and premature death. Study data indicate the bracelet users are 27 percent more likely to have a stroke, 25 percent more likely to suffer heart failure and 14 percent more likely to die while using the Power Balence Bracelet than a rival magic bracelet without a hologram.

Troy Rodarmel, 34, the CEO of the company with brother Josh, developed these holograms, drawing on his computer electronics background to embed “frequencies” or energies from natural rocks and crystals used to promote wellness in Eastern medicine into Mylar film. Wristbands place the hologram near one of the body’s Qi points, stimulating improved health. The Power Balance Hologram is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow matched to the natural frequency of the bodies energy field.

However according to Dr. Charles Spinsen the FDA trials have shown the Bracelets are tuned to only the most common frequency. “The danger is for the 40% of the people that do not have the same frequency as the bracelets, the mismatch can disrupt brain activity.” This disruption has caused the injury or death of many users.

“This has a terrible human toll,” Dr. Charles Spinsen of the Cleveland Clinic said. “Why is this product still on the market?”