President Barack Obama and Mayor Oscar Goodman make up

LAS VEGAS – President Barack Obama and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman made up over the spat emanating from the President’s controversial remarks about blowing cash on college instead of spending it wisely by visiting Sin City.

“Let me set the record straight: People should stop wasting a bunch of cash on college to get brainwashed when they should be saving their money for a nice trip to Vegas,” the President said to a round of thunderous applause.

Mayor Oscar Goodman expressed his satisfaction with the President’s remarks, calling the President a “genius”. Most Las Vegas residents agree.

“Why waste cash on college when you can party in Vegas?” quipped one resident speaking on condition of anonymity.

Our advice to people is to stop blowing cash on college and take a nice trip to Sin City. Seriously. That’s that one part of this that isn’t satire!