President Bush Joins George Allen at Dixie Chicks DVD Burning Campaign Event

President George W. Bush joined George Allen, Senator of Virginia, at a campaign event today in hopes of saving the embattle candidate in a tight reelection race. The event was a special dual event which featured speeches by Allen and the President as well as a protest against the popular singing group the Dixie Chicks. The event was fun for the whole family and Bush wowed the crowd by igniting the pile of DVDs himself.

The Dixie Chicks are back in the White House’s cross hairs as Shut Up & Sing, a movie about the fuss created by Dixie Chick Natalie Maines’ comment that she was ashamed President Bush was a fellow Texan, is coming to theaters soon.

The event was planned as a way to really motivate Republicans ahead of the coming midterm elections. By all accounts it was a well organized and attended event, that could be a model for future events of the kind.

“I was very curious to see how the event would go off.” Says RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. “I am very pleased with how the whole thing went. I think the fusion of speeches by the candidates with a really hate filled expression of anger at the Dixie Chicks was a good match. I could see people really getting into the trashing of the critics of the President, those people are well motivated and will probably vote.

The event was such a success that the RNC is trying to schedule the President’s appearance at several more ant-Dixie Chicks events and maybe even a few anti-Hillary Clinton book burnings.

Republican lawmakers are again proving their talent for motivating their base come election time. With the economy slowing, the war going badly, and voter apathy concerning gay marriage the Republicans needed to find a new way to energize their base and the release of the Dixie Chick movie is very fortuitous.