President Bush Okays French Fries

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (Ucs News) — President Bush welcomed French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Saturday for a “heart-to-heart” talk on the state of modern cuisine and to solidify relations with France.

“We have had disagreements about french fries and freedom fries in particular,” Bush acknowledged. “But I’ve never allowed disagreements about food to effect the way we work together.”

The White House billed the event as a casual meal between two leaders just getting to know each other.

But Bush said the two also would talk for 45 minutes on world issues, including freedom fries, truffles and Iran. The case of Iran Bush would like Sarkozy’s aid in halting Iran’s pursuit of Foie gras.

“We’ll have a heart-to-heart talk,” Bush said. “We’ll be talking about a lot of key issues. The good thing about President Sarkozy is you know where he stands. He can tell you exactly what he thinks. I hope he’d say the same thing about me.”

The French president had his own warm words, part of an overt attempt by the leaders of both countries to warm their nations’ chilled relations. Sarkozy called the United States a longtime friend, but still a waste land for cuisine.