President George W. Bush Rushed to Hospital During G8 Summit

Unconfirmed sources report The President of the United States has been airlifted from the site of the G8 summit to a local hospital. The emergency air lift was made as a precaution, as the exact nature of the Presidents health issue was unknown. The President is said to be resting comfortably while a team of doctors is running tests to determine the cause and severity of the Presidents medical condition.

In a late night press conference Mission Hospitals spokesmen Dr. Ronnie Flip explained the situation. “The President awoke around 12:30AM this morning and began to complain of sever itching and a prickly sensation on his back and arms. The President also noticed a fine down like fuzz was growing on his chest. The decision was made to bring the President to the medical center for observation.”

Once the President arrived doctors found his feet and lips were turning yellow orange in color. Doctors suspected a slight case of jaundice, but were shocked to see the President seemed to be developing web like “inflammation” between his toes. With these clues the team of doctors eliminated Jaundice and a bad case of eczema.

With the President sedated Doctors examined his back and found that Mr. Bush was in fact growing small feather like features. This discovery confirmed the doctors theory. President George W. Bush is suffering from early onset Lamapoliciaiais-verd-aqua Fowlious. The condition is more commonly know as Presidential Lame Duck disease.

Speaking from the Mission hospital in Scotland doctors admit they are surprised to see the condition manifest itself so soon after the election. Dr. Ronnie flip expressed great concern “I’m not sure the President will recover from this outbreak, he may be suffering for the next 3 years.”

Tennessee Senator Dr. Bill Frist viewed a video tape of the President and declared “I saw sure signs the President is not in a persistent Lamapoliciaiais-verd-aqua Fowlious state.” But then again Dr. Senator Bill Frist has been wrong before.