President Obama, does healthcare plan cover breast implants?

From the left, but always right. Commentary by Lefty Winger.

I am really concerned about the number of flat-chested women in America. So concerned that I say it is time to do something about it, for once! Of course, everybody wants free everything these days and we all deserve free things, too. Free medical care is just one of those. But what, exactly, constitutes medical care?

I want to know: are breast implants covered under any healthcare plan proposals? If not, why not? The number of flat-chested women in America has reached epidemic proportions. This represents a serious health issue, too. I mean think about it. Flat-chested women tend to have less confidence and a lower self-esteem than do big-breasted women. Being flat-chested could very well engender serious psychological problems, which end up costing society much more than the benefits that could be attained by covering breast augmentation.

What, then, is a few thousand dollars for breast implants compared to serious psychological problems down the road? Therefore, I make this modest proposal: Congress needs to come up with a healthcare plan that covers breast implants. How can the richest country on earth deny women the basic right to big breasts, and, for that matter, the right of guys to stare at eye-pleasing breasts? Small tits are not good for the self-esteem, and this represents a serious health issue.

Come on, Mr. President, the government needs to cover breast implants now!

So there you have it. I’m Lefty Winger – from the left, but always right.