Presidential candidate Brownback: Takes the gay bait

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback takes the right wing gay bait by backing the nation’s top general and his remarks that homosexual acts are immoral. According to a disappointed staffer “Brownback is heading for electoral oblivion by singling out a minority to hate.”

The Kansas senator planned to send a letter on Thursday to President Bush supporting Marine Gen. Peter Pace, who earlier this week likened homosexuality to adultery and said the military should not allow gay personnel to defend Americans Freedom.

Brownback agrees with Peter Pace “Gays don’t enjoy the same rights as others, so we should not allow them to defend OUR freedoms.” Brownback went on to quote passages from both the US Constitution and Bill of rights that clearly explain the human rights that gays should be denied.

“We should not expect someone as qualified, accomplished as General Pace to have any respect for the basic human rights of others,” Brownback said. “In fact, we should expect a hired killer like Peter Pace to hunt down and murder our gays.”

Asked whether he agreed with Pace’s comments, Brownback said: “I do not believe being a homosexual is immoral, but I do believe homosexual acts are, except if they are hot lesbians in action, I kinda like that.”