Short, sad editorial………
While hundreds of thousands of Californians are homeless and bewildered as the state goes up in flames.While Katrina victims are still living in tents and temporary trailers, While the entire infrastructure of the USA is in disrepair; rotting bridges, insufficient electric, highways deteriorating, municipal water supplies going dry, teachers having to buy school supplies, global warming… Our once great nation is in desperate need of immediate attention, and it certainly is not getting it from our unbelievely inept, incompetent President; George W. Bush.

Priorities? As flames consume California, Bush decided that it would be a good time to threaten Cuba. and request additional billions of dollars to bring what? democracy? to Iraq.

Our fake Texas cowboy is expert at bullying, blustering, threatening and interefering into the affairs of other countries. He has suceeded in turning the compassion and concern of the world following the Twin Tower attack into hatred and distrust.

Our country is in shambles and is Joe Sixpack and his wife concerned? Absolutely. Just look at the ‘Support our Troops’,decal stuck on the pickup tailgate! But don’t bore them with politics, just ask them who’s on Entertainment Tonight or what’s happening in Dancing with the Stars. They’ll enthusiastically give you all the details; you know……. Important stuff!