Pro-Life Groups Protest 2nd Amendment Ruling by Supreme Court

(Rapid City, IA) Ucs News– While most Conservatives are thrilled with the Supreme Courts 2nd amendment decision, some groups are very concerned. According to the Pro-Life Action League’s Eric Scheidler “The last thing we want is abortion doctors with a means of self defense.”

The Pro-Life Action League does not participate in violence against abortion providers or women’s health clinics, it’s spokesman Steve Klaske confirmed, “We feel that our more extreme Pro-Life brothers in arms could be in danger if abortion doctors are allowed to carry guns.”

While abortion clinic violence has been steadily decreasing since 1994, the bloodiest year that saw 12 murders and 15 bombings, Pro-Life radicals still face danger from armed clinic staff. “This ruling could turn into a blood bath for clinic attackers. I bet Justice Antonin Scalia wasn’t considering our struggle.” said Klaske.

Klaske went on to say the Pro-Life Action League would support legislation allowing the unborn to “pack heat”. According to the Pro-Life Action League, “The womb is a home and the fetus has a 2nd amendment right to defend it’s self.”