Proposition 8 Revenge : California Gays plan attacks on Utah LDS Mormon Church

(San Francisco, California) Ucs News — Sources inside San Francisco’s Casto district have confirmed a paramilitary strike will be launched against Utah if the controversial proposition 8 passes in California. The Mormon Church on the Latter-Day Saints, now the largest single backer of the measure are bracing for the gays revenge.

The ballot measure backed by the LDS seeks to make discrimination legal in California be declaring gay marriage a crime and striping away the states equal protection clause. Not sitting by as their legal rights are destroyed by “a bunch of creepy Utah carpet baggers” the normally peaceful gay population of the San Francisco Bay area is now mobilizing for military action.

A press release from the previously unknown group the “California Civil Rights Defense Force” (C.C.R.D.F.) details the coming “liberation of Utah”. According to the C.C.R.D.F. Gays and like minded straights from North, Central and Southern California will gather in Reno Nevada before making a high speed run east on Highway 80 to Salt Lake City.