Psychologist Explains Why Congressmen Show Their Penises

In the wake of the Anthony Weiner penis scandal, noted psychologist Dr. Andrew Bruner explained the deeply imbedded psychology behind senators, congressmen and judges compulsively displaying their penises and other body parts.

“You see”, Bruner began”, “most senators, congressmen and judges, otherwise known as ‘politicians’, have an inferiority complex combined with megalomania. It’s this constant need for acceptance and to prove to everyone that they are better than everyone else that causes them to run for office in the first place. They have no interest in helping humanity or doing anything for the benefit of others!”

Bruner further explained that the uncontrollable desire to display ones manhood or engage in extra-marital affairs is a natural outgrowth of this desire to exceed all others.

Bruner continued, “Politicians are constantly putting their penises where they don’t belong. Whether it be in another woman or posted on their Twitter or Facebook accounts. They are subconsciously making the statement, ‘I want to f__k the American people”.

Bruner says he will be offering discount, group rate services to any politician who wishes to free himself of flashing or myriad other inappropriate behaviors. Bruner claims that many other active duty politicians have posted their penises on Twitter or other social networking sites but have not yet been caught.

“Keep in mind, if I cure them then they won’t want to be politicians anymore!” Bruner clarified.