Pundits Applaud Sarah Palin As A "Player In 2012"

Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has hinted in remarks given to ABC News yesterday that she’s eyeing another run at the White House, this time as the Presidential pick, in 2012. The unstated vow, while showing Ms. Palin’s apparent lack of conviction in a McCain/Palin ticket winning in November, has still been hailed by political pundits who are anxious about losing a woman of Ms. Palin’s abilities from the world stage.

“America needs Sarah Palin, especially during an Obama Presidency” said a producer for Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show”, “If Barack Obama does even half the things he’s capable of, we’re going to have squat to talk about over the next four years. Sarah Palin would go a long way in relieving that potential dead air.”

NBC’s “Thiry Rock” producer and co-star Tina Fey agrees, “While I’m committed to Thirty Rock and hope that this upcoming season can finally break it out of the ratings basement, the extra income from SNL (Saturday Night Live) would really be helpful. We’re even exploring a new series…a kind of “Northern Exposure” meets “The West Wing”, about a woman trying to run for president. The working title is “The Next Bush”.

Unnamed McCain Campaign Spokesman Wegman (Pudgy) Waterhouse, speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “It’s true. We think we’ve got a winner in Sarah, or at least a way to keep a job and donation cash from the Right Wing rolling in. God, they just love her; she’s cute, she’s perky and she’s willing to bomb the crap out of just about anybody we suggest.”

While the Conservative Wing of the GOP is a bit worried about Ms. Plain’s seeming love of her new-found ‘maverick’ image, the hope is that with the proper motivation, i.e.: their support and gobs of cash, Ms. Palin will finally learn how to toe the line. Not surprisingly, they’re not too concerned about the Alaska governors penchant for outrageous, false and sometimes whacky statements; after all, those have been their bread and butter for at least the last eight years- longer if you go back to Newt Gingrich in 1994.

Waterhouse, still speaking on the condition that if the new Obama Administration gives him a gig he’ll drop Palin like a fresh dog turd on a hot summer’s day, said, “Sarah’s biggest mistake was in picking that McCain guy as her running mate, but who knew at the time? He had the right credentials, was well known and seemed sane. The last part changed the longer we knew him, of course. We won’t make that mistake again. One lunatic is enough.”