Putin Visits Flood Ravaged Midwest

Ottawa, Ohio (APE) – Russian President Vladimir Putin today made quite a stir as he showed up to inspect the damages in flood ravaged Ohio. Putin claimed to be appearing as a favor to friend and fellow world leader George W. Bush, who was busy with other duties, including a return from a leadership conference in Quebec, Canada.

The United States air defense network insisted that Putin’s flight had been monitored all the way from Russia and had not, as was rumored, snuck in under America’s radar systems.

Putin pledged whatever limited resources Russia could provide to flood survivors until US recovery aid would become available in the next two years.

“He was an awfully nice man, and he seemed to exude real leadership,” stated Ottawa resident Fawn Lipinski. “I kind of liked the shirtless look, and he seemed very presidential.”

Putin reportedly combined the damage inspections with some pleasure as aides claimed he hooked three goodly sized steely heads just off the corner of fifth and Main Street, in Ottawa.