Rachel Ray Launches Microsoft Xbox 360 Cooking Show

Food Network star Rachel Ray has teamed up with Microsoft to create a new cooking show called Gourmet Geek. The program will feature Ray cooking many geek favorites by utilizing the excess heat given off by Microsoft’s vaunted Xbox 360 Game counsel. The program will air this fall and is a play to boost Ray’s and The Food Network’s numbers in the valuable 18 to 24 year old demographic.

In Gourmet Geek Ray will show gamers how to prepare a simple home cooked meal in about the time it takes to frag a few hundred Brutes of the Covenant. In one episode Ray shows players how to make a foil wrapped meal that is actually cooked to perfection inside the unit. Other episodes tackle favorites such as fried eggs and meat loaf.

This partnership indicates that Microsoft is taking active measures to deal with the overheating issue that is plaguing the Xbox 360. Turing the amazing amount of heat the unit puts out into a feature pure genius. With the failure rate of these units rumored to be up to 50% Microsoft just had to do some thing besides extending the warranties of all units. This move signals Microsoft is going to play hard ball to defend the image of its flagship product..

“This a real win win for Ray and Microsoft.” Says internet oracle Leo Laporte. “I love Rachel and her cooking style and Microsoft really needs to address the overheating issue with the Xbox 360. This program is perfect for Microsoft, it really will give them a way to talk about the benefits of having such a hot counsel. It’s brilliant.”

Dietary experts are applauding the program, as anything that can get the average Xbox 360 player to make a home cooked meal is a good thing.