Rand Paul Explains His Remarks To Rachel Maddow.

Newly minted Republican candidate Rand Paul, while not exactly back-peddling regarding his statements in an interview conducted by MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow that the 1964 Civil rights Act should never have mandated that individual business owners be forced to allow anyone they didn’t like into their establishments, has instead spent most of his days trying to clarify his comments.

Mr. Paul has indeed expressed regret however; not over his stance that private discrimination should be legal, but that he ever consented to speak to that fucking bitch Maddow in the first place; he should have known she’d take a perfectly reasonable viewpoint like Racial Purity and blow it all out proportion.

While a vast majority of American’s (Southern states and Arizona excepted) are appalled by the concept of legal discrimination (Arabs also excepted of course), Mr. Paul, the poster boy of the Tea Party, is unique in his overt advocating a return to a simpler, less demanding time…not back to Slavery exactly…but to the good old days when a law-abiding lunch counter owner could toss a nigger out on his ass if he got uppity enough to try and eat with White Folks.

Still, the question is, is he wrong? As a Libertarian Tea Partying Republican, shouldn’t he be applauded for his honesty, finally saying what good old boys been thinking privately for decades now, namely that the country has gone to hell in a hand basket ever since we gave Darkies the right to vote, not mention being able to even talk to White people without first tugging their forelocks and saying “S’cuse me, Massa”? Shouldn’t he be congratulated by members of the Tea Party wing of the Republicans, as led by Sarah Palin, for at least being truthful about it?

This question bears some close examination. The Tea Party and Libertarians want no big government, no taxes, no interference in their private lives. Live and let live, or die, depending on how you feel about who’s doing the living or dying at the moment. Okay, fine.

I can see merit in the idea, not racially speaking in my own particular case, but politically and theologically. If I had a store, I’d love to be able to refuse some fat old redneck service based on the fact that he had a ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Jesus Saves’ bumper sticker on his gas guzzling F350 pick up truck and that would be my right in Mr. Paul’s America.

Yes, the concept that there should be no governmentally mandated equality at all has merit; if you don’t like someone’s politics or religion or lineage, not to mention skin, hair or eye color, you shouldn’t have to serve them. This goes for hospitals, doctors, police and firemen and garbage collectors as well as private businesses, because a true Libertarian shouldn’t want any tax-paid public services like cops or firemen. Everything should theoretically be privately owned or funded by voluntary contributions. Of course, that works both ways.

The Civil Rights Act makes it unlawful for an employer to “fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions or privileges or employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” In addition, it strengthened anti-segregation laws regarding public facilities such as lunch counters. But sadly, the law doesn’t cover just Blacks, it covers everyone. But that’s the part Mr. Paul says it shouldn’t have done, so let’s look at that:

Say you’re a racist and that asshole next door just sold his house to a Black guy. You can’t stop them of course…that would be an invasion of their rights and all Americans should have the right to do what they want. So you’re stuck until you can sell your own house and move to Alabama.

Now, the garbage collector is a racist too. He shouldn’t have to pick up some Black guy’s garbage; that would be an invasion of his rights. He should be allowed to let that garbage just pile up next to your house. Of course, the Black guy shouldn’t be forced to find another way to get rid of his trash- unfortunately, even the damn Blacks have rights too. It’s a free country after all. No one should even be forced by the government to throw out their garbage in the first place anyway, for gods sake.

So you get pissed off and get into it with the Black guy who beats the crap out of you. No cops should respond, because there should be no police, as every law has someone who disagrees with it so there shouldn’t be any laws so who needs cops? Anyway, who’s gonna pay taxes for cops since taxes are a bad thing? Ah well. Instead, you call an ambulance. But the drivers are Hispanic (legal ones of course) and don’t take White guys in their wagon and refuse to help. That’s their right too.

Instead you limp to the private hospital nearby where a Jewish doctor takes one look at you and says, “Nope, not gonna treat that Christian.” You can’t go to a public hospital instead, since they would have to be taxpayer funded and once again, there should be no taxes. So what next? You die bleeding on the street. (That’s happened to a lot of Blacks, by the way.)

You see, The Civil Rights Act isn’t just about Race… it’s about discriminating against everyone. Everybody hates someone else, for a lot of different reasons…hair or eye color, political or religious beliefs, whatever. If we’re all allowed to exercise our bigotries, then living in America would be a crapshoot- no one could ever be sure that they’d be served in a restaurant, sold a dozen eggs or get their tonsils removed.

After examining the issue, the conclusion I come to is that Rand Paul and his supporters are uniformed stupid and bigoted assholes. And that’s my right too.