Randall Tobias : "Totally Screwed in call girl scandal"

WASHINGTON (UCS News) — Bush appointed State Department official Randall Tobias was fired Friday after revealing to UCS News that he had been a client of a D.C. escort service.

A State Department official, on condition of anonymity, confirmed to Ucs News that Randall Tobias “Totally blew a sweet gig at the US state department.” Tobias, 65, was formerly the director of U.S. Foreign Assistance and administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

According to sources Randall Tobias enjoyed a lucrative salary, hefty car allowance, a ridiculous travel budget and other “bitch’in” perks. Aside for costing Randall Tobias his job, The prostitution scandal is likely to cost him 50% of his Washington condo and Wyoming Ranch property.

According to his wife lawyer “Mr. Randall Tobias has just sacrificed a significant proportion of his assets to the soon to be X-Mrs Tobias and me as her legal representative”. Mr. Tobias can expect to lose his 500 series Mercedes as well.

A friend of Tobias stated, “Wow, what an idiot. The girls have cost Randall significantly more than $300 bucks.”