Raul Castro Endorsement Helps Obama Edge Clinton in Cuban Primary

Unconfirmed sources report that Barack Obama has won the Cuban primary beating Hillary Clinton by 5%. Obama is continuing his roll toward the democratic nomination with a surprise win in the hotly contested southern primary. This win is big for Obama and could spell the end of Hillary Clinton’s run for the Presidency.

“This is a major win for Obama.” says Obama spokesman Keith Hopewell. “This surprise victory proves that Barack has an appeal greater than Clinton’s among Latinos. This is a real green light for the Obama campaign in Texas. The Latino community has spoken in Cuba, and they are demanding change.”

The tough race in Cuba was a real emotional struggle for the Cuban people. Three weeks ago a Clinton victory was assured when Fidel Castro endorsed her, that was until Raul Castro came out for Obama. With even the Castro brothers split on the nomination it was certain this would be a close election.

Early analysis of the results indicates that Obama edged Clinton in all areas of the island nation, well beyond the urban centers he had been projected to win.

(San-Antonio)The Clinton campaign is calling the victory meaningless and has promised to stage a come back in Texas. Speaking to a crowd in front of the Alamo, Clinton vowed “To fight on until the bitter end.”