Raze their homes, President Bush

From the right and always right, commentary by Randy Wright.

Mr. President, I just got done watching that recent interview you gave, in which you spoke about the economy. It was a great interview. It was so great, I am posting it below. Everybody, check it out.

This is why I love you so much, President Bush. You tell it exactly like it is. Just as I have previously stated, war is very good for the economy. How could anybody possibly believe that spending over $10 billion per month on the war is siphoning resources out of the economy? To the contrary, this creates lots of jobs.

Not only do you speak clearly and concisely about how good the war is for the economy, but then you make a great point about how the real problem is that we’ve built too many homes. I totally agree, Mr. President.

America has far too many homes, and only whiny liberals would disagree with that. The idea that there are too few homes, and that people are losing their homes because they can’t afford them, is a liberal lie.

Since war is good for the economy, but houses are bad for the economy, then why don’t we start a war against homes, Mr. President? This would be a fantastic idea that only a liberal nut could disagree with. I say we start demolishing homes of those whiny liberals who will only end up going through a foreclosure anyways. Not only would this create jobs for people destroying the homes and get rid of these houses that liberals don’t deserve, but it would reduce the foreclosure rate by getting rid of the houses before they are foreclosed upon. Just think of what a merciful act that would be on your part, since you would be sparing liberals from having to go through foreclosures.

So please, Mr. President, if you want a real economic stimulus program, then raze the homes of them darned liberals!

So there you have it. I’m Randy Wright, from the right and always right.