Real Networks Outwits Microsoft to Become The Official Media Player In Hell

Unconfirmed sources report that The Devil has agreed to name Real Networks the official Media Player in the Underworld. The news of the agreement is rocking the computer world as experts gauge the repercussions of such as agreement. Real Networks biggest competitor in the market, Microsoft, is the big looser here and is said to be contemplating legal action against Real Networks and The Devil.

“This is a huge win for Real.” Says computer expert Bob Ludite. “Bill Gates has got to be kicking himself for reaching an out of court settlement with Real just hours ago. Rob Glaser has just pulled a rabbit out of his hat and handed Gates and Microsoft a serious business defeat.”

The newly reached agreement between Real and Microsoft gave Microsoft control of the world’s media player software, but Microsoft had no idea Real was about to capture the media player market of the Underworld.

“This is a bitter pill for Microsoft.” Agrees media expert Sandra Connors. “Microsoft would never have settled with Real if it had known it’s own contract with The Devil was going to be lost. Rob Glaser, the head of Real Networks, has given up the real worlds market for media player software, but he now has a lock on a market Microsoft believed was theirs forever. Gates has such a close relationship with The Devil it’s hard to believe he didn’t know this was coming. Maybe Gates’s good works are getting in the way of his business relationships?”

Microsoft is said to be re-examining the details of it’s deal with Real Networks and has even hired an ex-bishop to help them asses weather The Devil is in breach of a previous contract he had signed with Gates.