Record High Crude Oil Prices Cripple Grand Theft Auto 4 game play

(Liberty City) Ucs Interactive– The price of oil has made a record jump to nearly $139 a barrel, amid reports it could reach $150 by July because of rising demand and political tension. The spike in oil prices coincided with a dollar slump has pushed Gas prices in Liberty City above $6.00 per gallon. Feeling the pinch, the citizens of Liberty City have parked their high performance cars in favor of sub compacts bicycles and public transit. As a result the game play of Grand Theft Auto 4 has been crippled.

14 year old Davis Reynolds of Chillicothe Ohio is one of the many Grand Theft Auto 4 players suffering as oil prices surge. “I’m forced to car pool or ride a bike now. The game really sucks with out any cool cars.” said Davis. Fellow Grand Theft Auto fan Rod Smith, also of Chillicothe, complained that “GTA 4 is lame now, instead of car jacking my character has taken a second job at the Liberty City McDonalds just to earn enough money for gas.”

The BBC’s North America Editor, Justin Webb, says the gloomy oil prices are a reminder to the citizens of Liberty City that they face serious economic problems and perhaps even a recession. Oil prices were given a boost on a report by Morgan Stanley analyst Ole Slorer, who suggested the price of oil could rocket to $150 as early as July.

The market was also responding to a statement by Israel’s transport minister that an attack on Iran was “unavoidable” after sanctions to prevent Tehran from developing its nuclear capability had failed. Investors hedging oil against the weak dollar has also pushed up the price of oil.