Texans Cozy up to Vladimir Putin.

Texas State Flag Hammer and Sickle
Texas State Flag Hammer and Sickle

Red State Gets Redder.

Unconfirmed Sources are reporting that Texans are cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin in unprecedented numbers. Texas Republicans are showing a greater fondness for the Baltic Bad Guy then the traditionally more left leaning Democratic citizens of the Lone Star State.

New polling reported by the highly respected Texas news outlet, the Texas Tribune, prove Lone Star citizens have a soft spot for Trumps BFF Putin. The UT/TT poll, from the Texas Politics Project shows 15% of the formerly Better Dead then Red Texans now have a favorable view of the Vladimir Putin.

The poll also finds that Vladimir is being helped by the very positive view Texans have of the President.  83% of Texas Republicans view Trump favorably and that must be behind Putin’s increasing popularity.

“You know, any friend of Trump’s is a friend of mine.” Says Trump supporter and Dennin Texas resident Clint Thomas. “In Texas we like our leaders tough and strong and not too bright. Trump and Putin seem like our kinda guys.”

For more details on the poll visit the Texas Tribune’s story, or the Texas Politics Project.