Renegade AI Patents Autonomous Killer Robot

Unconfirmed sources report that an artificial intelligence system developed by the Cyberdyne Corporation has patented an autonomous killer robot. The robot described in the patent is a small tank like robot armed with a selection of weapons and carries enough onboard sensors and computers to track and kill humans with no external guidance.

“This patent marks a serious advance in autonomous killer robot technology.” Says robotic technology expert John Conner. “The system developed by the AI looks to be robust, deadly, and seems geared for mass production. With Infrared and radar tracking system backed up by machine guns and flame throwers, I would not like to meet one these in a dark alley.”

The US Patent office awarded the patent three days ago, but is now examining the legality of issuing a patent to an artificial intelligence system. Cyberdyne Corporation is claiming the patent, even though the AI system applied for it without the company’s knowledge. It is unclear whether the claim will stand, as there was no intellectual property agreement between the AI and Cyberdyne Corporation.