Representative Goode Elaborates on Anti-Koran Message in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN (Rotters) – Representatives Virgil Goode (R-VA) today sought to elaborate on his controversial statements in regards to using the Koran to swear in recently elected Muslim representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) by journeying to the newly elected representative’s home state of Minnesota. In a speech delivered at the county courthouse steps in Minneapolis to a small but enthusiastic throng of supporters, Goode again refused to apologize for his statements issued in a letter to constituents in his home state of Virginia.

“I am simply saying that America is full right now,” stated Goode. “There is a very delicate racial, religious, and economic balance in this country, and we don’t need to be inadvertently tipping the scales by advocating for wrongheaded immigration policies which will ultimately take jobs away from Americans. I have nothing against Representative Ellison and his ability to practice whatever religion he likes behind closed doors, but I cannot stand by idly and watch as a symbolic gesture emboldens terrorists and puts America in danger. My constituents understand this, and if I didn’t make this stand, there might very well be a Lynch mob waiting for ME back home in my district.”

Many critics have compared Goode’s seeming gaffe to that of fellow Virginian Senator George Allen’s famous “Macaca” statement which possibly cost him the midterm election in November. Curiously, with no ongoing election, there does not appear to be a growing groundswell of criticism of Goode’s remarks, however.

After his speech to supporters in Minneapolis, Goode was asked by reporters to comment on the similarities between his position on Ellison’s use of the Koran and Allen’s Macaca incident.

“No comparison.” stated Goode. “While I have the greatest respect for Senator Allen, I feel he was the victim of his own imprecise language. If he wanted to call the young gentleman a monkey, he should have just called him a monkey… people would know what he meant. You don’t see me referring to Representative Ellison as a “towel head” do you? There are many fine, upstanding and God fearing Arab-Americans who shouldn’t be tainted by Mr. Ellison’s behavior.”

When it was pointed out to representative Goode by reporters that Keith Ellison was an African American born and raised in Detroit, Michigan who later converted to Islam, Goode simply responded, “whatever.”